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Our SEO Package Prices

Digital Funnel has SEO package prices to meet the needs of all businesses no matter the size. How can you make your website visible and rank highly on search engines? Well, there are many ways of accomplishing this, depending on the needs of your business.

That’s why SEO packages aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution but instead, they should be tailored to achieve the results you’re looking for using the right tool for the job.

Since there are so many ways to boost your website traffic and extend the reach of your brand and competitiveness in your industry, Digital Funnel provides bespoke SEO package prices designed to give you exactly the services you need for fair and transparent prices. When you experience the value and ROI of our services, we’re sure you’ll see it as a worthy investment.

We also understand that businesses can grow over time, so what worked yesterday won’t necessarily suffice for your needs today. Our services grow with your business. Just another reason you’ll find plenty of value from our SEO package prices.

Want to know how your website is performing right now? How about your competitors? Contact us at Digital Funnel for a free consultation. We’ll give you a comprehensive overview of your current situation, your competitors’, and provide you with a bespoke SEO package and an SEO plan to skyrocket your website to the first page of Google.

Our SEO Packages

Your business wants real results and growth in revenue and SEO can help you accomplish both of these goals. So, you’re interested in an SEO package for your business, but what exactly are you getting?

Some of our services include website audits, technical SEO, keyword planning and research, content creation, on-page SEO, backlink building, Google My Business setup and optimisation, business listings, monthly progress reports, and web design.

Website Audit (technical structure of the website)

Whether your business is planning to build a website or you already have one up and running, website audits are like a medical check-up designed to diagnose and correct anything that may be holding it back from achieving its full potential.

Website audits achieve three major goals:

  1. Website performance optimisation: how your website performs goes beyond content and also takes into account how it performs technically. Is it optimised for mobile responsiveness? Do users have a positive UX experience navigating your webpages?

2. Search engine optimisation: having the slickest and most informative website in the world won’t do you much good if nobody can find it on search engines. How are visitors finding you? Are you targeting the right keywords?

3. Conversion rate optimisation: driving thousands of new clicks to your website is certainly great, but are these new visitors turning into leads and converting into sales? Conversion rate optimisation will determine the best ways of converting leads into sales so you can watch your revenue grow.

Technical SEO

It’s one thing to have great, fresh content and eye-catching web design, but there’s a lot of technical stuff that goes on behind the scenes that can impact how well your website performs.

Technical SEO looks at the following:

  • Search engine indexing;
  • Providing search engines with crawlers to your website;
  • Assisting spiders with interpreting the structure of your website;
  • Affirming search engines that your website is trustworthy and legitimate;
  • Customising canonical slugs and URLs;
  • XML sitemaps;
  • Optimising and eliminating 404 pages as necessary;

And much more…

Our SEO package prices including technical SEO are money well-spent. We’ll analyse your website load speeds, responsiveness, internal linking (e.g. identifying dead links), and ensure that your webpage is being crawled by Google.


Keyword Research

In most cases, visitors to your website aren’t using the address bar to type in the exact URL. Instead, they’re typing in semantic keywords such as “good barbershop in Cork,” for example. If you’re a barber in Cork and your barbershop isn’t coming up on that keyword, you’re losing a lot of potential business.

 To take that example one step further, chances are you wouldn’t want to try competing for paid ad space for the keyword “best barber” as it would cost an arm and a leg. Instead, you’d want to plan and research what your customers are already looking for and select keywords that are affordable, scalable, and are showing promise for growth as your business grows.

Keyword planning and research are important inclusions in our SEO package prices since they’ll target the right keywords using data such as search volume and keyword competitiveness. This is especially important for local businesses since the lion’s share of Google searches are local, so don’t neglect keyword research.

Content Creation

Writing for an internet audience is a lot different than writing a book or newspaper column, for example. Your content should always be informative and quality. Google rewards this type of content with higher page rankings, but your business is also benefitting from boosting its authority and bringing more eyes to your website (more potential for sales!).

Unfortunately, copywriting isn’t as easy as it sounds. Does your content look good? Are you using enough keywords to get picked up by search engines or are you using too many (keyword stuffing)? Is the content original or was it copypasted (this is a big no-no)?

Good web copy needs to accomplish two goals: reach out to visitors (customers, clients, etc.) and to solve a problem or answer a burning question that prompted their search in the first place. Our SEO package prices include quality copywriting that keeps your web content fresh whilst driving more traffic to your website.

On-Page SEO

As the name implies, on-page SEO is the practice of optimising individual webpages so that they rank higher and drive more traffic organically to your website. This includes cleaning up HTML code behind the scenes and adjusting content such as images and formatting to please the almighty Google algorithms. This stuff really matters nowadays!

The great thing about on-page SEO is it’s fully within your control to optimise. You (nor we) can guarantee you’ll appear in first place on Google, but we can make darned sure that your wonderful webpages are looking clean and organised with great content to bring in visitors and to keep them there.

When your webpages are optimised with on-page SEO, your content will reach larger audiences and boost the overall ranking of your website. Our SEO package prices provide an excellent ROI when on-page SEO is optimised.

Link Building

One thing we know for sure that Google’s algorithms reward is link building, especially backlink building. There are two ways to do this: paying a shady organisation to ‘create’ backlinks to your website (black-hat SEO) or naturally building backlinks by increasing your authority and by creating guest blog posts elsewhere.

Of course, the first option may get you immediate results, but it’ll also be picked up by Google and your website will be severely punished.

Natural backlink building is a time-consuming process that can take a lot of effort, but our SEO package prices include link building in a right and proper manner. Our copywriters will create fresh content on reputable blogs and websites with plenty of backlinks to your website.

Google My Business

Having your business registered officially in Ireland is important, but are you registered with Google My Business? This service hasn’t even been around for a decade yet, but it’s an incredibly powerful way of putting your business on the map (literally, your business will show up on Google Maps).

Most Google searches are local, so having your business listed on Google My Business is essential. Moreover, you’ll want to ensure that your listing is optimised with great photos, a website address, telephone number, and opening hours as appropriate. This lets customers reach you directly without much effort after it’s been set up.

Our SEO agency will help you claim your Google My Business listing and optimise it so that you’re taking full advantage of this powerful tool.

Business Listings

A couple of decades ago when digital marketing was in its infancy, most local businesses didn’t have (or need) a website aside from the novelty aspect. Today, it’s a necessity. Having your business listed online is critical for increasing your visibility and bringing in customers.

What’s so great about online business listings is that often, they’re completely free and available to potential customers from all around the world. They’re especially important for local business listings, however, since most businesses can take advantage of the massive volume of local Google searches.

Our SEO services ensure that your business is listed on all appropriate registries and platforms to build and maintain your online presence.

Monthly Reports

Any honest SEO strategy is backed by data and business analytics, so it only makes sense that these data make for an excellent means of analysing the performance of your SEO goals over time.

Did one of your blog posts go viral? Are most of your visitors local, and are they of a certain demographic (age range, gender, etc.)? Are you getting lots of new traffic but low conversions? Data can show you the raw facts so that you can create realistic and smart solutions to these types of questions.

Our SEO specialists will prepare monthly reports indicating your desired KPIs and how well your website is performing over time. This could include KPIs such as: web traffic, conversion rates, individual page traffic, page speed insights, time on site and bounce rates, rankings, and links.

Web Design

You’d think it’s easier than ever to create a website today since so many ‘free’ website building services exist and have turned it into a drag and drop operation. No more HTML, CSS, or JavaScript! The downside is that these web services are often sold on a ‘freemium’ basis, severely limiting users behind a paywall.

Want to set up a product listing and shop for e-commerce? That’s gonna cost you. Even worse, DIY websites may not be properly optimised or user-friendly. What started out as a fun project can quickly turn into headaches and plenty of lost time.


Take the stress out of web design and leave it to the friendly experts at Digital Funnel. We create high-spec WordPress websites that are optimised with clean coding, responsive design, and eye-catching aesthetics to match your brand.

Another side benefit of leaving your web design to us is that we’ll also fine-tune it for SEO right from the get-go.

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