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SEO Dublin is critical for businesses that wish to succeed within the digital age. We are all aware that a growing number of consumers are purchasing goods and services online. When we then take into account the impact of COVID-19, there is no doubt that this trend is set to continue in the years to come. The good news is that Digital Funnel are your go-to SEO specialists when nothing but the best will suffice.

We Cover All Aspects of SEO

Our SEO Company Dublin revolves around the needs of your organisation. From on-page SEO and off-page SEO to keyword research and making certain that your website is up to speed. Whether referring to businesses in the Docklands, Dublin 7, the City Centre, Smithfield, or the Sandyford Business Park, you are in good hands when working with our team.

Your Professional SEO Agency in Dublin

Just as the needs of each business is different, we will base our approach around the requirements of your growing organisation. Here are three methods which can take your digital presence to the next level:

  • On-page SEO addresses involves unique content, optimising webpages and keyword research
  • Off-page SEO involves building quality backlinks
  • Technical SEO addresses HTML issues, ensuring that pages are easy to navigate and improving your local search engine rankings

In terms of professional SEO in Dublin, Digital Funnel has the expertise and knowledge to achieve results for your business.

Local SEO in Dublin


Local SEO is critical if you hope to optimise your presence in the area where your business is located to drive relevant online traffic to your website. It is important to also remember that search queries are becoming more specific when compared to the past. It therefore stands to reason that websites customised for locally driven SEO results will enjoy a greater amount of exposure. We target specific keywords like ‘Professional Accounting Blackrock’, ‘Physiotherapy Clontarf’ or ‘Solicitor near Dublin 7’. Targeted SEO practices will always deliver quality results.

Scalable SEO Packages in Dublin

Unlike some other Dublin SEO firms, our team at Digital Funnel have developed a scalable approach. This enables us to cater to the needs of small to medium sized businesses as well as larger organisations that are already established within their market base. In the same respect, our strategies have been designed to grow and change with your company.

SEO Audits in Dublin

Are you unhappy with the amount of traffic that your website is currently receiving? Is your site experiencing issues or do customers seem to be looking elsewhere for a specific product or service? These are some of the reasons why SEO audits are critical. Here are a handful of the metrics which will be analysed:

  • In-depth keyword research
  • Competitor analysis in terms of SEO
  • Testing to determine a websites technical issues
  • Content analysis
  • Website Traffic analysis

We will then develop a customised SEO plan of action that can help to increase your ROI and to provide your business with a greater degree of exposure on search engines like Google.


SEO Reporting for Your Dublin Business


Your website’s up and running; great! How well is it performing? Are your competitors’ websites miles ahead? Is your traffic lower than you had hoped?

Let our SEO company in Dublin give your website a health check from the perspective of Google. We’ll prepare an SEO report with realistic actions you can take to have your website excel.

Mobile Optimisation


Were you aware that nearly 60 per cent of all online traffic now occurs through smartphones and tablets? It therefore stands to reason that your website should embrace a mobile-responsive design. Some of the issues that we will address include the presence of high-definition images, videos, scrollable content and streamlined navigation methods. Businesses that are optimised for the mobile user community will invariably enjoy a greater amount of success.

Our SEO Process


We do not believe that a “one-size-fits-all” approach should ever define a well-rounded SEO campaign. That is why we have broken our strategy down into a handful of discrete sections so that every element of your online presence will be analysed with clarity.

On Page SEO

Choosing the correct keywords, ensuring that all HTML coding is correct and curating quality content are three examples of on-page SEO practices. Not only will this serve to increase the quality of your website, but it is crucial to appear higher within search engine results pages (SERPs).

Off Page SEO

Whether referring to improving internal links, generating traffic to a separate blog, leveraging your social media presence, or increasing the number of quality backlinks to your website, off-page SEO is equally important. Our team will create bespoke strategies so that your hard work pays off.



Building customer trust is the best way to ensure long-term loyalty within the competitive online community. Therefore, transparent SEO practices should never be taken lightly. Not only will we explain every aspect of our approach, but we employ techniques which fully adhere to modern SEO algorithms.

Tracking ROI

Embracing a proactive approach is the only way to know which SEO changes are influencing your bottom line. We will therefore provide a bespoke ROI tracking service to determine if any additional changes need to be made. It is much easier to address a minor issue before it evolves into a major problem.


Scalable Keyword Growth

We have created scalable SEO packages intended to address your unique situation. These approaches can then be upgraded in direct accordance with the scope and exposure of your website. You can focus on a specific number of keywords at the beginning and expand your SEO campaign to target a broader range of terms.


Page Specific Backlinks

Link building is a factor which major search engines such as Google take seriously. Creating and embedding quality links will increase the authoritative presence of your website which leads to higher SERP rankings and a more robust ROI.

Our SEO Service Promise

Honesty & Integrity

We provide you with the targeted solutions in order to grow your online business. We also strive to develop an honest relationship from the onset. This enables us to better understand your requirements and as a result, you can trust us to deliver quantifiable results.

A Results-Driven Approach

All our SEO Campaigns are analysed on a regular basis. Not only will this save a great deal of time when compared to generic Dublin SEO firms, but such a strategy ensures a higher return on investment. All our campaigns are optimised to deliver results for our clients.

Customer-Centred Strategies from the Very Beginning

We offer excellent customer service solutions to ensure that our clients are always satisfied. Clear communications, dedicated support specialists, rapid responses and in-depth strategic solutions will all guarantee quality results.

Why Our Dublin SEO Customers Have Remained Satisfied

High Rankings

What use is a traditional billboard if is it found within the middle of the woods? In the same respect, we increase your online rankings so that the visibility of your website will rise head and shoulders above the competition.

Qualified and Knowledgeable Staff

Thanks to years of experience within the digital marketplace, our experts bring an unparalleled level of knowledge to the table. We can therefore deliver real-time results while keeping you informed along every step of the way.

Powerful and Cutting-Edge SEO Tools

Modern Dublin SEO requirements dictate that equally modern SEO solutions must be provided. Digital Funnel has embraced all of the latest tools and techniques. Furthermore, we will continue to evolve as the needs within the SEO community change, enabling your business to remain one step ahead of the digital curve.

Long-Term Sustainability

Thanks to the use of on-page, off-page and technical SEO practices, our techniques have embraced a superior sense of flexibility. This ensures long-term success as the needs of your business change over time. Longevity is key if you wish to enjoy sustainable digital success.

Superior Levels of Service and Support

Live support is critical if an issue or question arises. Our staff are always happy to address the needs of any customer. From basic queries to in-depth technical issues or an emergency, we are always easily contactable.

Complete Security and Confidentiality

We take a great deal of pride in providing complete confidentiality to each and every customer. We will never share your information with third-party firms or any competitors. You can therefore remain confident that you are in good hands when partnering with our team.




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Putting it All Together: Well-Rounded Dublin SEO Solutions

You will be pleased to learn that Digital Funnel is already an established agency in Cork. We also have expertise in website design and pay-per-click (Google AdWords) advertising. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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