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SEO Company Dublin focused on generating a large Return on Investment for our clients. Pretty much everything these days is quantifiable and measurable, from the ebb and flow of the stock market to the conversion rate of a marketing campaign. Numbers do matter. Businesses can better gauge the success or failure of products with data than with feeling or instinct.

Likewise, a smart, modern business marketing strategy needs quality search engine optimisation (SEO). Website analytics and traffic can be precisely measured to create effective marketing strategies. This is why any business with an online presence stands to benefit from the value of an SEO company in Dublin.

Don’t be fooled by the fluff, however. Many so-called ‘SEO experts’ will sell you high hopes, with claims such as “guaranteed to rank #1 on Google”. If this was a straightforward process, don’t you think more businesses would have mastered the art of SEO by now?

The truth is, real SEO experts such as Digital Funnel have a real understanding of the core concepts of ‘good’ SEO so that your content reaches its full potential. Google clearly says its search engine rewards original and relevant content. Our professional SEO company in Dublin delivers high-quality Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Link Building to boost our clients websites rankings and sales.

Our SEO Process


At Digital Funnel, we use smart data for smart business analytics. No guesswork, no fluff. We will collect, analyse, and sort data analytics so that your website is getting plenty of relevant and quality traffic. Our SEO services are sure to provide meaningful results and to impress.

On Page SEO

Our on-page SEO audit in Dublin includes keyword research and planning to get your pages noticed and bumped up the ranking as well as increasing page load times and improving mobile user experiences.

Off Page SEO

Bringing traffic to your site doesn’t just come from Google Search, but also from guest posts and blogs on other websites. We provide quality blog and guest posts that will direct even more traffic to your website.



The best SEO companies in Dublin wouldn’t last very long if they lacked transparency with clients. Our Dublin SEO services are fully transparent and authentic every step of the way. No silly business.

Tracking ROI

Driving traffic to your website is great, but what’s the point? As a data-driven SEO agency in Dublin, we love seeing visitors turn into leads and for leads to convert into sales. We’re sure you will, too.


Scalable Keyword Growth

The great thing about keyword growth is that it rewards creativity and planning. Our Dublin SEO services can target strategic yet affordable keywords for shoestring marketing budgets and scale up as your traffic increases and business grows.


Page Specific Backlinks

Google rewards backlinks handsomely, but how can you build them? As a Dublin SEO expert, we strive to provide clients with quality backlinks that boost your brand and authority as well as driving traffic.


Website Health-Check

Your website’s up and running; great! How well is it performing? Are your competitors’ websites miles ahead? Is your traffic lower than you had hoped?

Let our SEO company in Dublin give your website a health check from the perspective of Google. We’ll prepare a report with realistic actions you can take to have your website excel.

Our SEO Service Promise

Honesty & Integrity

As an SEO specialist in Dublin, we’re committed to honesty and integrity in all of our activities. Results are important, but the ends don’t always justify the means. What does this mean? Our SEO company in Dublin performs SEO in a proper and honest manner; no silly business!

Results Driven

Plenty of work without any meaningful results is simply wasted labour. Our Dublin SEO agency is driven by the smart use of data analytics to achieve the goals and results required of our clients. This means we work proactively on problem-solving so that we can take the right steps to achieve the desired results.

Customer Centric

Many SEO experts in Dublin can get the job done, but our SEO company in Dublin also values customer service. Want a progress update on your website? We’re able to provide timely and professional responses to your enquiries and maintain open lines of communication from start to finish.

SEO Services Dublin

Every global business knows that if they aren’t on Google, they basically don’t exist. What about local businesses? Word of mouth is great, but you really need to be listed to exploit digital marketing.

Unfortunately, 56 per cent of businesses aren’t even listed on Google My Business despite 46 per cent of all Google searches being local! If that many businesses haven’t even done that yet, what else are they missing out on? That’s a lot of wasted opportunities.

Our SEO company in Dublin provides quality services to clients all over Dublin, including the following business areas:

  • Docklands, Dublin 2;
  • Sandyford Business District, Dublin 18;
  • Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24;
  • Smithfield, Dublin 7;
  • City Centre – Dawson Street, Pembroke Street, Clanwilliam Square;
  • Airport Business Centre.

We also provide high-quality localised SEO services for businesses in Blackrock, Clontarf, Blanchardstown, Dundrum, Rathmines, Swords, Dun Laoghaire, and Ballsbridge. 

SEO Packages Dublin

The best SEO in Dublin goes beyond optimisation and keyword planning. Our complete SEO packages are designed to suit all businesses and organisations, big or small.

Perhaps you’ve already got a website, perhaps you don’t. Don’t worry, our SEO company in Dublin can create eye-catching, responsive, and SEO-optimised web sites from scratch for your business.

Need fresh content such as blog posts to stay relevant in search results? Our professional copywriting services are optimised for both SEO and creating quality information that will be rewarded by Google Search. This very article was written with keywords and SEO in mind whilst (hopefully!) providing meaningful and relevant information.

Our SEO company in Dublin also provides assistance with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, SEO audits, landing page creation, and more.

SEO Audit Dublin

You’ve gotten yourself checked up at the GP and your car checked up at the auto mechanic, so why not have your website audited for SEO to create data-driven strategies to excel?

Our SEO in Dublin includes services such as technical audits, content audits, competitor analysis, structural audits, and much more. With the right data in hand, your business can streamline its digital marketing campaigns to attract quality traffic, convert leads into sales, and boost brand recognition whilst correcting any SEO faux-pas your website may have originally had.

SEO Services Questions

How is SEO used in marketing?

A big part of SEO is using data analytics to find out who’s visiting your website (including demographics), how many people are visiting, when they visit (e.g. seasonal, weekends, etc.), how they visit (e.g. mobile, desktop, tablet), and much more. Companies pay a lot of money for this type of information so that they can formulate effective and segmented marketing campaigns based on real-world data. Without SEO, you’re taking a shot in the dark.

Which Dublin SEO techniques are popular?

With most of the world using Google as their preferred search engine, the answer will depend mostly on what Google rewards. Since Google wants relevant and quality content, old-fashioned ‘hacks’ such as keyword stuffing or spamming search terms in white font on a white background don’t work anymore (they were just bad all around, anyway).

We do know that Google likes longer content (1,000-word blog posts or longer), responsive design with mobile devices at the forefront (over 60 per cent of all Google searches are now done on mobile), diverse and quality backlinks, user-friendly UX design, and much more. SEO strategies must recognise and address all of these to be effective.

Can you do SEO yourself?

Sure! You could teach yourself SEO and help your website reach its full potential all on your own, but staying up-to-date with changes in Google’s search algorithm and trends in SEO can be daunting for newcomers. Furthermore, DIY is time-consuming, and since time is money, it’s best to leave SEO to experts if you want a truly professional SEO implemented on your website.

How effective is SEO?

It really depends on the quality of the SEO strategy. Having fresh content alone isn’t enough. Is it long enough? Are you researching and using the right keywords? Are your keywords too competitive? There are many considerations that will determine the effectiveness of an SEO strategy worth bearing in mind.

Generally, SEO is amongst the most cost-effective marketing strategies simply because it uses Google Search, which is free to use (PPC advertising is a paid strategy, however). Unlike television, radio, print, or telephone cold-calling marketing campaigns that can cost quite a bit of money, SEO uses that neat little invention of the internet to reach far greater audiences all around the world and at all hours of the day.

What does Dublin SEO try to attract?

A good SEO strategy will bring about the results that your website requires. In the case of businesses, that could be increased sales, brand recognition, or increasing your authority within your industry or amongst your competitors.

Specifically, SEO is useful for attracting more traffic to your website, increasing your ranking on Google Search, maintaining your website’s relevance, and exposing your brand to a wider (or strategically segmented) audience(s).

Does SEO in Dublin Work Anymore?

Yeah, but also no. Yes, SEO certainly works and should be used by all websites that want to get noticed. After all, if you’re on the third or fourth page of Google (those little yellow O’s) you’re not going to bring in those clicks like those on the first page will. SEO is a time-tested way to bring your website out of the Google dungeon and up as high as you can go for your keywords.

No, SEO doesn’t work anymore IF you’re using old, outdated SEO techniques. In fact, many old techniques will ‘punish’ your website or even put you on Google’s ‘naughty list’, making it much harder to get out of purgatory and back in those search results once again. Don’t take your chances and hire a professional SEO company in Dublin to get the job done right.

How much can SEO increase traffic?

A heck of a lot. Websites that have paid for good SEO take up half of all traffic on the internet. If you’re ranking on the first page of Google, you’re easily going to get over 90 per cent of all internet traffic for the search keyword. For specific searches or local results, that number can be even higher. Just imagine how much leverage you can gain in Dublin alone with proper SEO.

How long does SEO take to work?

Technically, SEO can bear results right after it has been implemented on the website. Realistically, however, it can take anywhere from four to eight months to see meaningful spikes in traffic.

Organic traffic will grow over time and Google needs time to crawl and index the webpage URLs, so depending on the effectiveness of the SEO strategy, about half a year is quite realistic. The great news is that you can compound this traffic even more by keeping good SEO practices and posting regular content to keep your website fresh and relevant.




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