SEO Website Audit 

With 93% of all online sessions starting at a search engine, it’s easy to see just how vital search engine optimisation is. While adding on a couple of keywords is a simple way to get started, there is a lot more to good SEO practise that needs to be measured and improved. Our business has a simple goal; to help you increase traffic and to improve your profits. We take a no-nonsense approach to help you make significant improvements in just two months with the help of our manual SEO audit service. It’s affordable, effective, efficient and most importantly, a VITAL health check of your most important sales tool. We also give you a bespoke and prioritised action plan to get your website singing.

Why this is important for your business?

1. Fully understand your Current SEO Situation

2. Get a deep Competitor SEO Analysis

3. Identify Quick Wins and Bigger Issues

4. Keyword Analysis and Keyword List

5. Action Plan – Custom and Prioritised

6. This will improve your Rankings & Organic Website Traffic

SEO Website Audit 

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO issues can have a drastic impact on your rankings. We’ll implement a technical SEO infrastructure audit to identify problems with an action list to rectify.

Keyword Research Analysis

Keywords are still mega important, if you want to run a successful SEO campaign, so we’ll go the extra mile and provide keyword research for your top 5 services.

Penalty Identification & Recovery

If you are on Google’s naughty list it will seriously affect search ranking results. We will investigate your status, identify potential issues and give you advise on the next steps if you are caught in online ‘Purgatory’. 

Off Page SEO Audit

Be it broken links or toxic links, we’ll identify your status, and website authority score which are very important factors. We also offer link building suggestions.

On-Page SEO Audit

On-page SEO is an important factor that determines how high your Google search ranking is, so we make sure to review your pages to ensure you’re attracting their attention.

Competitor Analysis

You’re not alone in the industry so it’s always important to analyse your competition. We will show you what keywords and links they are getting their traffic from.

Website Structure Audit

A well-defined site structure will put you ahead of the competition as Google attempts to interpret millions of websites. Let us evaluate your structure and offer simple advice.

Content SEO Audit

Content needs to be easy for a search engine to understand and keyword rich. Our SEO audit identifies problems with non compliant, outdated, and duplicate content.

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