Our approach to digital marketing is simple. We know what works and use real time data to constantly improve campaigns.


Our Digital Focus 


Search Engine Optimisation

Having a beautifully designed website is pointless without optimising for search engines. The first page of the Google search results will get 95% of the organic traffic. Our SEO services are among the best in the industry. We first technically set-up your website for long term SEO success and then build your authority in the eyes of Google through expert link building

PPC Google AdWords

Google Adwords is excellent when you need a short term boost or need to create leads quickly. Pay per click, as the name suggests, means you pay for every click, whether they buy or not. So you need to know what you're doing. We use bespoke landing pages, intense research and smart PPC bidding strategies to get you the best return.

Wordpress Web Design

Our websites are designed and developed beautifully but more importantly they are set up to deliver results through incorporating our expert SEO strategies. You cannot have one with out the other. We build them in the worlds most popular CMS platform WordPress to ensure you can take control of your website to upload content and make simple amends.  

Digital Strategy Planning

In the modern world, there is no question that every business owner knows they need to connect with their audience online. A good online presence can take many forms. Will social media advertising work for your market? What about PPC? Or maybe an SEO program? We'll produce a well researched digital marketing plan that will deliver results. 'A dream without a plan is just a wish'.

SEO Audits

Think of this like a top notch website health-check or NCT. With our SEO Audit we will lift the hood on your website to see exactly what is going on. Why is your website not performing? What can we learn from your competitors? You receive keyword analysis, competitor research, technical audit and full SEO action plan in order of priority. 

SEO Training

We have designed short courses aimed at business owners and marketing professionals who would like to have the hands on control of their website's SEO. We will take you though the technical set-up required and how to complete your On-Page SEO check-list. Then Off-Page SEO will take you through how to build high quality backlinks

Website Health-Check

Is your website ranking for the important terms? Is your competition kicking your butt? Why are you not getting traffic?

Get a free health-check of your website in the eyes of the Google bots. We will customise a brief report with guidlelines & a plan of action.

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Our Promise

Honesty & Integrity

In our digital marketing agency our core values are honesty and integrity. There are many ways to cut corners in digital marketing especially in SEO but they all lead to disaster in the end. We believe in treating our customers fairly with a top quality service. We only want to work with clients who offer that same level of respect to their customers. 

Customer Centric

At our digital marketing agency in Cork, we highly value our customer service. We always keep our clients updated with everything that happens as well as provide quick responses to their queries and communicate honestly. We create monthly reports and executive summaries to keep you part of the process. 

Results Driven

In business, what matters most is not how hard you work but how much you achieve. Digital marketing agency focuses on the results hence planning towards specific goals. We are also focused on solving the problems faced by our clients by prioritizing the results over the actions taken towards the problem.

Answers to Your Questions

What is B2B Digital Marketing?

If you are operating a business-to-business company, there are chances that your digital marketing efforts will be concentrated around online leads with a target that your marketer gets a consumer to confront. In this case, the purpose of the marketing strategy is to support digital channels and attract the highest possible number of quality leads to your marketer. Additionally, beyond focusing on your website, you'll also focus your efforts on other channels that are more business-focused, like LinkedIn.

Is digital marketing ideal for all businesses?

Digital marketing is known to work for businesses in any industry. It doesn't matter what your company sells or the kind of services you offer; digital marketing always comes in handy to build out the buyers persona and help you identify your customer's needs. However, this does not mean that all businesses should implement their digital marketing strategies in the same way.

How different is digital marketing from traditional advertising?

Traditional advertising refers to direct mailing, radio, print, linear TV, and billboards. One of the differences here is that the means of communication or messaging is a one-way conversation. Also known as outbound marketing, the mode of advertisement in this case only allows the advertiser to reach out to the audience, but the audience cannot communicate back.

Digital Marketing for B2C?

Depending on the price range of your goods and services and whether you are running a business-to-consumer company, your goal in the digital marketing platform is likely to be of generating traffic for your website and have the visitors converted to customers. This way, your company will not need a salesperson. However, with the implementation of converting visitors to customers, you are less likely to focus on the leads and concentrate more on building a buyer's journey for everyone that lands on your site

What is the purpose of digital marketing in a company?

Unlike in other offline marketing strategies, marketers that use digital marketing strategies have the advantage of getting accurate results in real time. For instance, when you place your advertisement in a newspaper, there is no way of knowing how many people landed and took an interest in your ad. Also, there is no sure way of knowing if the ad was responsible for any sales. However, with digital marketing, the marketer can measure the return of investment by using web traffic and digital analytic software.


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